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Welcome to the Hartland, Vermont Listserv Directions Page

News [news]

The listserv is a way of connecting Hartland neighbors to neighbors.  It is for residents of Hartland to share ideas, advertise items for sale or wanted, and announce town events.  Please tell your friends about it, and get involved! Send in your announcements or be part of a discussion about town matters.

If you don't find an answer to your question in the FAQs below, please send it to us at mail-owner@hartlandvt.info

This listserv was started in 2010, and has been running as the present version since 18 May 2012.

Quick Start (How Do I Join?) [quickstart]

To join the list server, follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Send a blank e-mail to: mail-join@HartlandVT.info (Enter  Subscribe  into the subject line, but no text in the body of the e-mail is needed)
  2. You will receive an e-mail from mail-request@HartlandVT.info
  3. Simply reply to this e-mail to confirm your sign-up.
  4. You will receive an e-mail with a welcome message and your account access information.

Table of Contents

Terms of Use, Rules, and Tips

Statement of Purpose
Posting Guidelines
General Discussion List Rules
Some helpful tips for the Hartland Listserv
Users' Frequently Asked Question

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Users' Frequently Asked Questions

What is a listserv?
How do I recover my account password?
What account settings can I customize?
How can I access my account settings?
Who are the listserv moderators and administrators?
Where is the (photo, document, video, sound, etc.) attachment which should be "attached"?

Statement of Purpose [purpose]

The Hartland Listserv is a public forum to post notices, seek and disseminate general community information and discuss general topics of interest specific to the residents of Hartland, Vermont. The goal of this Listserv is to create a sense of community and neighborhood for the residents of Hartland, Vermont.

It is not an "official" listserv set up by the town government, although town officials and departments may post notices from time to time. The Hartland listserv is "unmoderated", which means that all postings emailed to mail@HartlandVT.info are sent immediately to all Hartland Listserv subscribers.

Posting Guidelines [guidelines]

The intent is to keep the discussion on and about Hartland. If there are state or national online forums that address your issue, the topic is better addressed there, please keep discussion topics centered on the town of Hartland. All posts must be signed. The goal of the Hartland Listserv is to help increase our sense of community and neighborhood within Hartland by rapid, free, easily accessed communication among residents such as:

Some examples of "not OK" posts:

General Discussion List Rules [rules]

By subscribing to the Hartland Listserv you are accepting these rules and guidelines. Posts cannot be made anonymously. The administrator(s) has discretion to to warn, temporarily suspend, or permanently exclude any list subscriber for any abuse or infringement of these rules and guidelines, depending upon the severity of the infraction.

To contact the administrator with comments or to bring specific issues to their attention, write to mail-owner@HartlandVT.info

Some helpful tips for the Hartland Listserv [tips]

  1. BE BRIEF and TO THE POINT: Try to edit your messages to the most important points. Don't send meaningless messages with no content, such as "I agree!"
  2. SUBJECT LINE: For each new post , enter a short subject so the readers can see your topic at a glance. If you are replying to a post, keep the same subject line as the original post contained. If you receive your listserv postings in a digest form, write a new subject line - do not use "Re: Hartland Digest..." as the subject of your reply.
  3. SNIPPING OR QUOTING: When replying to a post, it is helpful to those reading your reply if you "snip" (means the same as "quote"), a few lines from the original post in order to clue readers in about the context of your reply.
  4. ATTACHMENTS OR ENCLOSURES: Images (jpeg, tiff, gif, png) and PDF files will be stored at the host and can be viewed by clicking on a link that is automatically sent with the email, all other files will not be accepted. Please send only small photo files of 1 to 2 MB or less, if a photo or other attachment is important to your post, ask people who are interested in the item to contact you directly.
  5. YOUR SIGNATURE: Keep your signature short - your name and contact information is enough.
  6. PRIVACY: It is inappropriate to post the content of any private correspondence without the permission of every correspondent involved.
  7. PERSONAL REPLIES: These should be emailed directly to the specific individuals rather than to the entire list. Do not simply hit the "Reply" button which sends the response to the entire list.
  8. DON'T SHOUT: Don't use all upper cases letters when writing, this is thought of as shouting.
  9. TONE: Be careful when using humor in your messages, it may not always come across as you think. Occasionally irony and/or sarcasm can be taken in a negative way. Use a tone that is positive, not one that is bullying, belittling or threatening.
  10. BE KIND: Don't be critical of people's queries posted to the listserv. Many people are new to a listserv. Send them a private message and "gently" make suggestions if you think it is warranted. We're here to learn, share, and grow with each other.

Users' Frequently Asked Questions [userfaq]

What is a listserv? [userfaq1]
A listserv is a system through which a group of people can communicate via e-mail with other group members. Any member of the group may send (what is often refered to as "post") a message to a special e-mail address, and the message will be automatically forwarded to all other members of the group. Usually, all members of the group share a common interest and use the system to communicate regarding that topic. In this case, the shared interest is activities and issues pertaining to the town of Hartland, Vermont. If you have information that you think of interest to others in Hartland, and which fits within the guidelines listed above, feel free to share those thoughts.
Who are the listserv moderators and administrators? [userfaq2]
The Hartland list server and Web site is a collaborative project sponsored by the Hartland Public Library. Current moderators and administrators include:
April Doherty
Karl Kemnitzer
Chris Mayer
How do I recover my account password? [userfaq4]

If you need to recover your password, send an e-mail from your registered e-mail account to mail-request@hartlandvt.info. In the message body, put the following two lines:


The list server system will send your password to you.

Alternatively, point your Web browser to: http://hartlandvt.info/mailman/options/mail_hartlandvt.info/, enter your e-mail address at the top of the page, and click the Remind button, located near the bottom of the page.

What account settings can I customize? [userfaq5]

There are several options that you, the mailing list subscriber, can customize on your account. They are:

There is a complete explanation for each of the options, once you log in to your personal configuration page. See How can I access my account settings? for how to reach your configuration page.

How can I access my account settings? [userfaq6]

Access your personal options configuration page by pointing your Web browser to http://hartlandvt.info/mailman/options/mail_hartlandvt.info/, enter your e-mail address and password at the top of the page, and click the Log In button.

Where is the (photo, document, video, sound, etc.) which should be "attached"? [userfaq3]

The list server software is configured to remove ("scrub") all attachments from messages sent to the list. It removes the attachment and archives it on the server. In place of the attachment, it substitutes a Web browser link to the archived attachment. The reason this is done is to greatly reduce the amount of information that list subscribers have to down-load to their e-mail in-box. Those who want to see the attachment(s) can follow the link and down-load it, but with the knowledge of how big the attachment is. Keeping e-mails small was a choice the administrators made in deference to those who still have slow dial-up Internet connections.

Here is an example. A post was sent to the list server with the PDF file "2012-05-23_Agenda.pdf" attached. The file was removed, a copy put into the list's archive, and replaced with a link to the archive. From the extract below, we can see the original attachment's name - "2012-05-23_Agenda.pdf", its type - "application/pdf", its size "73677 bytes", the description - "not available", and the link to the archive - "URL: <http://hartlandvt.info/mailman/priv...".

-------------- next part --------------
A non-text attachment was scrubbed...
Name: 2012-05-23_Agenda.pdf
Type: application/pdf
Size: 73677 bytes
Desc: not available
URL: <http://hartlandvt.info/mailman/private/mail_hartlandvt.info/attachments/20120520/744c3d03/attachment.pdf>

The link will connect your Web browser to an archived copy of the attachment. Note that when accessing the first link, you will need to enter the e-mail address you used to register for this mailing list and the password you received.

Why hasn't my post been sent to the mailing list members yet? [userfaq4]
Normally, your post will be sent out to the list subscribers immediately. There are several reasons why your message may not appear to have been sent out yet. They are:
  1. The e-mail address from which you sent the message is not subscribed to this mailing list. SOLUTION: Subscribe to the mailing list using the instructions near the top of this page.
  2. The "not metoo" feature is turned on for your mailing list account. When on, you will not receive a copy of your own posts, even though all other subscribers will receive a copy. SOLUTION: Sign in to your list server account, and turn off the "not metoo" feature.
  3. Your message is being held for moderation. There are two reasons why your message may be held for moderation. First, and quite common, is that the size of your message, including attachments, is larger than the limit for unmoderated messages. In nearly all cases, attaching anything (photo, PDF, etc.) to your post will put its size over the very conservative limit. The moderator-of-the-week will receive notification that a message is awaiting approval. Moderators will usually respond to pending messages within a day. Once your message is approved, it will be immediately sent to all list subscribers. The second reason is that the "moderation" flag is turned on for your mailing list account. The most likely reason for it to be turned on is because of an infraction of the list rules sometime in the past. SOLUTION: In both cases, please be patient for the moderator to handle your post.
  4. The "digest" feature is turned on for your mailing list account. You are receiving only daily digests of this mailing list. Digests are sent out once daily at 12:00 Eastern time. SOLUTION: Sign in to your list server account, and turn off the "digest" feature.